Lateral Lunge

If you want an exercise to tighten your tush, tackle those saddle bags, firm up the legs and improve your balance, this move of the week is for you. Standing with your feet together, take a big step with your right foot out to the side and drop your bum down like there’s a chair behind you. Keep your left leg straight with the knee slightly bent. Pause for a second or two then push yourself back to standing with your right foot, returning it beside your left. Repeat this exact movement with the left leg now. You can place your hands on your hips or let them flow naturally with the movement. Do 10-20 reps per leg.

Notes: Keep your torso lifted and shoulders down throughout the movement; don’t let your upper body droop forward especially as your legs tire. Keep your weight in the back of the working foot to target the glutes. Remember to keep the abs engaged and breathe. As you sink into the lunge ensure that your knee is not going over or past your toes but remains in line with the middle of the foot.

Easier: If balance is an issue, keep a few fingers of one hand lightly on a table or back of chair placed in front of you. Adjust the depth that you sink into the side lunge, start shallow dropping just a few inches.

Harder: Make your lunges very deep (angle of knee about 90 degrees). Keep your hands behind your head or arms straight up overhead (this calls on more of your core to do the work). Hold weights by your side, at chest level or overhead. To increase the intensity, do all your reps on one leg before switching to the other. Increase the tempo of the move but maintain excellent form and technique – this can now also become a cardio move as your heart rate and breathing increase.

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