Cardio Does Not Have to Include Leg Work

Believe it or not, there many effective forms of cardio exercise that don't involve leg work.

Biceps & Hammer Curl

Get ready for February break. Start working on those tank top arms with these moves.

Creating a Budget-Friendly Home Gym

I've got tips and suggestions for starting a home gym without draining your wallet.

Building a Home Gym on a Budget

For Snow Days, Kids Home Sick Days, or Everyday - I've got tips for setting up your own home gym without breaking the bank on equipment and renos.

LBD – Desirable Arms and Legs

Ladies, pull out that Little Black Dress and show off your arms and legs with this quick, pre-party toning workout.

DIY Gym Gear

Save money, time and childcare costs with your own home gym that won't break your wallet.

Finding Your Inner Strength

Everything we do from daily activities to exercise and sports draws from our core strength. This move of the week develops the innermost ab muscles.

From Keg to 6-Pack

Get rid of that beer-belly with the help of this abdominal exercise.

The One Item Every Home Gym Should Have

One of the most versatile, and functional pieces of equipment any Home Gym should have... is probably right under your nose (at no additional cost to you).

Lateral Lunge

This lower body move of the week has loads of options for any fitness level.


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