Get Your Summer Swimmer Arms

Move of the week, swim arms, arms, shoulders, back, core

Photo by T.Juco

This exercise will focus on the arms as well as shoulders, back and the core. Using very light weights, come into a semi squat and hinge at your hips. Your back should be close to parallel to the floor and FLAT (use your abs to protect your lower back). Start with both hands at your shoulders and simultaneously reach the right arm up in line with your ear and the left arm back in line with your hips. You are reaching in opposition, stretching towards opposite walls, pause and then switch keeping the hands along your body and not letting them drop below or go above the line of your ribcage.  Do 10-15 reps per side.

Notes: Try not to tense up your shoulders, keep them and your abs engaged throughout. Keep breathing throughout. Avoid letting momentum take over, let your muscles do the work. If you have lower back issues, do this exercise in a staggered stance (one foot slightly in front of the other).

Easier: Use lighter weights (or no weights) or do fewer reps.

Harder: Increase your weights and/or reps (watch your lower back).


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