Escape the Insanity – Even if it’s for a Few Minutes

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Sometimes, even adults can use a timeout. When life gets crazy, checking out or taking a little escape even if it’s for just a few minutes is enough to keep us going without completely losing it. This move of the week is a variation of the yoga Child’s Pose with the added benefit of stretching out our torsos and especially the lats. Along with this stretch is the possibility to focus our attention and intentions inward, blocking out everything else around us. While doing this move and working with deep breaths, we can essentially recharge and re-center before getting up, and facing what’s next. Come into a child’s pose kneeling, feet flat, torso resting on the top of the thighs or open the knees slightly. Place forehead on the mat and reach hands over head, palms flat on the floor. Walk your fingers out as far as they can go and feel the spine lengthen. Hold here for several deep breaths. Without moving your head or body, walk your hands to the left while shifting your weight over your right hip. You will feel a deep stretch along the right side and back of your torso. Hold here for several breaths. Walk your hands back through the middle (take a few more breaths here), then walk your hands to the right, and shift your weight to the left hip for several breaths, then back to the middle. Finish with 3 more deep breaths here. When done, slowly roll back up through your spine. Now you’re good to go!

Notes: If you are unable to sit your bum on your heels, place a rolled up towel between your bum and ankles. Keep your abs engaged throughout and your shoulders down your back. Keep the stretch active by constantly reaching away from our hips whichever position you’re in.

Karen has some non-exercise suggestions for getting away from it all for a short time. Take a look at her Top Ten 15-minute escapes.


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