Don’t Miss: Ridgewood ARTBeat 2018

The 2nd Annual Ridgewood ArtBeat  •  Tuesday, June 12  •   8:30 – 9:45pm
Kasschau Memorial Bandshell on Vet’s Field

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Co-Chairs and RHS students Sophia Swanson and Jack Shigeta are at it again bringing music to our community! For the second year, the Ridgewood ARTBeat committee has partnered with the Kasschau Memorial Bandshell Committee to bring you a fun, night outdoors listening to and interacting with talented young performers from Ridgewood High School.

The committee wants to share with our community the vast amount of talented music and arts students Ridgewood has. There will be 6 bands performing ranging in genres from rock to jazz to pop. The Committee also wants to help bring a younger audience to the Kasschau Bandshell so people of all ages are welcome! Don’t miss out on this local event! Click for more info,

Sophia Swanson and Jack Shigeta: Co-chairs of ARTBeat. Here they are at the Kasschau Memorial Bandshell in preparation for their big end of year event!

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