Don’t Miss: Ridgewood ARTBeat 2018

The 2nd Annual Ridgewood ArtBeat  •  Tuesday, June 12  •   8:30 – 9:45pm Kasschau Memorial Bandshell on Vet’s Field Also read: New Openings Around Ridgewood Co-Chairs and RHS students Sophia Swanson and Jack Shigeta are at it again bringing music to our community! For the second year, the Ridgewood ARTBeat committee has partnered with the Kasschau Memorial Bandshell Committee […]

Tip for Making Listening Safer for Your Kids.

Whether it’s because you want a little peace and quiet or they’re in a place where they can’t turn up the sound, most kids have headphones these days connected to their devices. But it is important to protect those little ears with noise! So investing in noise-limiting headphones for your kids is the first step. The World […]

The Summer Camp for Rising Stars…(and Everyone Else!)

French Woods Festival of the Performing Arts, nestled around a 40 acre private natural lake is not your ordinary camp. They do more shows, concerts, dance performances and circus performances than any camp out there. Famous for their music, theater, and circus programs, French Woods has the largest children’s circus training facility in the world! And their theater program will put on more than 80 theater […]

“Nightly Entry is Subject to Doorman Discretion”


School Of Rock! RVC!

I wish the School of Rock located here in Rockville Centre was around when my boys were younger. This place is absolutely awesome! I was fortunate to stumble upon owner Monica Rubin when she was  was doing demo to construct her studio on 197 North Long Beach Road. She enthusiastically gave us a tour of […]

Garden City Friday Night Promenades! Fun for The Whole Family!

The 3rd season kicked off in late June with Friday Night Theme Celebrations on Seventh Street in Garden City. Thanks to the Chamber of Commerce and the Incorporated Village, every Friday night will feature a new theme with giveaways, live music, food and entertainment! As for the next few weeks the schedule is as follows: […]

10 Must-Have Items to Remember Prince

An Icon is gone but his vinyl albums will live forever under my bed. He’s only been gone a day and I miss him already.  It feels like just yesterday that I sat in the drive in with my permed hair and watched “Under the Cherry Moon.” I must surround myself with all things Prince while I […]

Natural Immunity Boosters

Vaccine or not, more people get sick during the winter months - here are some natural ways to boost your immunity and improve your defense against any unwanted bugs.

Cool New Gear Alert

Not just for running! This product is ideal for any "hands-free" activity and looks great too.

These 3 Apps Are a Must for This Personal Trainer

Even PersonalTrainers need help motivating themselves to exercise. Check out  3 apps vital to MY fitness.


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