School Of Rock! RVC!

I wish the School of Rock located here in Rockville Centre was around when my boys were younger. This place is absolutely awesome! I was fortunate to stumble upon owner Monica Rubin when she was  was doing demo to construct her studio on 197 North Long Beach Road. She enthusiastically gave us a tour of the facility and explained her mission. When we left, my musician/teacher boyfriend was certain that he wanted to volunteer his time to teach guitar to youngsters. Well, that was a few years ago and now, the School of Rock has exploded and I have witnessed many amazing performances. What makes Monica’s school so unique is that it gives kids a place to hang out and explore their creativity. They form bands or just jam and release the energy that so many teens today have. Providing the children with music education that ranges from teaching theory, reading music and instrumental instruction – the School of Rock also teaches children how to be part of a larger entity. The kids work together for weeks to rehearse an upcoming show and there professionalism has been showcased at various festivals, carnivals and fundraisers. I look forward to seeing the new talent unveil each year at EatShopRock and this year I can’t wait to hear the performances at the East Rockaway’s Stars and Stripes Fall Festival, September 16th at 12pm. If your son/daughter is showing an interest in music and specifically classic rock, then take advantage of the really cool upcoming shows that School of Rock is registering  for – Kiss,

Beatles vs Rolling Stones,Pink Floyd’s The Wall, AC/DC. Fleetwood Mac vs the Eagles class as well as a class based off of the music performed at the legendary CBGB’s. Classes are typically three hours long and I guarantee you that your child will come home with added confidence and a sense of belonging.The greatest news here is that The School of Rock is a franchise and if you have the funding it would be a really smart investment to open up a location in your town. It not only educates kids, but it gives them a safe place to hang out, off the streets, in a controlled environment surrounded by adults whom share their interests.


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Author: Thea Ferzola


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