Building a Bombshell Bod

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This advanced pushup is sandwiched between a Down Dog and Up Dog (if you’re familiar with yoga terminology and poses). Start in a Down Dog pose – straight-arm plank with your feet wider than hip-width and hips up to the ceiling. Your shoulders are down your back, which is flat, abs pulled in, and legs straight (your body should look like an inverted V). As you exhale, slowly and smoothly lead with your forehead down to about an inch from the floor then forward past your hands skimming the surface of the floor with head and then torso. Continue into and up Dog with straightened arms, hips dropped low and head looking back at the ceiling getting a slight back bend. From here, use your abs to pull your hips up and back until you are back to a Down Dog. Repeat 15 reps.

Notes: Work with your breathing. Pause in the Down Dog and Up Dog positions before moving with fluidity into the pushup and back to the start. Try not to lock out your elbows and knees.

Easier: Do fewer reps, mimic the arc of the pushup movement but further from the floor. The wider your feet, the easier. Do the movement from your knees.

Harder: Increase your reps. The closer to the floor and the slower you move the more challenging. Bring feet closer together, instead of bringing your hips straight back into a Down Dog, repeat the pushup arc movement in reverse back to the start position. Add a weighted vest or snug backpack for extra resistance.

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