What is Your Favorite App for Meditating?

Also read: Why You Need Meditation More Than Your Mother Did I just read an article about how one Baltimore school was implementing meditation into their school to replace after school detentions. Instead of sitting in a classroom staring a a blank chalkboard, the school runs a program from 2:30 to 5:30 p.m. that teaches yoga, […]

How to Escape the Chaos When There’s No Where to Go

If all these snow days and the demands of the daily grind are leaving you feeling piqued, try this quick and easy move to escape; recharge or just take a deep breath.

Building a Bombshell Bod

This advanced, yoga-inspired pushup is perfect fro strengthening and toning the upper body and challenging your core.

Breathing Buddies – Teaching Mindfulness to Your Child

Children and stress - age appropriate calming skills for your kids.

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Sometimes the best cure for what ails us is to temporarily and completely remove ourselves from everything we know. And, no, you are NOT too old to try something new.

Pigeon Pose

Tight thigh, groin and psoas muscles will benefit from this move of the week. More flexible people can use the modifications for a deeper stretch or simply rest in quiet contemplation.


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