Beer & Chili Tasting Party

If you like beer and you like chili, why don’t you host a Beer & Chili Tasting party. With so many great artisanal beers on the market and hearty chili recipes – a beer/chili tasting is a very easy and affordable option for entertaining.


Beer tends to be a common addition to many a party but you can take it up a notch by getting guests to explore the different varieties of beer rather than sticking to their usual. Organize the beer tasting bar by using buckets to separate the beers by color – light, amber, and dark or type – lagers, ports and ales. Provide sheets to keep track of beers that rank taste, texture, and finish. You can also cover the beer labels and do a blind tasting. Pit imported beers against domestic beers, organic beers against local craft beers. Have a guess the beer quiz and offer a prize, like a six-pack of their favorite brew to the person who gets the most right. Here is a Beer Tasting Tool Kit from Ebay to get your party going.


The beauty of this particular party is that nearly everything could be prepared in advance, and that chili definitively tastes better the next day anyway.  Set-up the chili tasting bar with cups for “just a taste” and bowls to “fill up.” Serve a variety of chili options – Beef & Beer Chili, Texas Chunk Chili and a healthy White Chicken Chili – with all the fixins.


Blackboard stands and Kraft paper tags designate beers, chili’s and can suggest food pairings.  Etsy features Invites and Beer Labels to print out, as well as a printable Beer Tasting Kit for 12 people.  Use brown kraft paper for a runner, burlap cloth or blackboard fabric for a table cloth.  A center piece can be made of wheat or empty beer bottles.


Keep the other menu items with the chili and beer theme. Start with a Melted Cheese Dip appetizer served with apple slices, french bread and chips. Homemade cole slaw and cornbread muffins complement chili. End the party with a Guinness Chocolate Cake.

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