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Throw an Oscar Party This Weekend

With a few tricks, it’s possible to throw together an enjoyable Oscar night party that your guests will remember. Best of all, it won’t break your budget to celebrate the glamour of the night. If you didn’t get a chance to see all the movies, half the fun of it is watching the show. Seriously, who […]

A Mother’s Day Par-tea

Tea Parties are a wonderful way for women of all ages to connect and they’re perfect for an occasion like Mother's Day.

Easy Stress-Free Dinner Party

Next time you’re having a dinner part, think about ordering all your food online. It’s like having a professional chef in your home…minus the cost. Order your food in the week ahead and have it delivered to the door. CHEESE COURSE – The fabulous artisanal cheese platter from Fresh Direct is a collection of Europe’s finest, including four-year aged […]

An Unforgetable Birthday Party Under the Stars

Grab the tents and marshmallows, it’s time for a backyard camping party! Many children enjoy the outdoor experience, and camping makes an excellent theme for a birthday party. Instead of taking the party to an official campground, set up your back yard to mimic the experience and host your birthday celebration. With a few decorations and […]

White Elephant Party

If you are in the mood for a post-holiday party with friends, throw a White Elephant. It is very simple and very fun party theme.

Beer & Chili Tasting Party

If you like beer and you like chili, why don't you host a Beer & Chili Tasting party this fall football season. With so many great artisanal beers on the market and hearty chili recipes - a beer/chili tasting is a very easy and affordable option for entertaining.

How to Host a Labor-less Party

Keep your next party labor-free. Avoid the time-sucking, stress-inducing aspects of throwing a big celebration by following a few of these party-planning tips.

How To Throw a Bonfire Party

Bonfires have been used for centuries as a way to celebrate certain traditions (such as marriage) and provide the perfect ambiance for an outdoor party. They can turn a summer or autumn evening to a memorable rehearsal dinner or welcome party among friends and family. Ideal locations include a beach with a sandy pit, a fire pit in […]

Never to Old for a Birthday Party

Your teen still wants a birthday party? Here are some teen girl and boy ideas for the birthday child and close friends.

Online Gourmet Dinner Party

It’s like having a professional chef in your home minus the cost. Order your food in the week ahead and have it delivered to the door.


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