20+ Valentines Made with Love

You’ll never find anything as cute or orginal in the stores as the ones you make youself. Plus it’s a fun way to spend an afternoon being creatvie with your kids. Here are a few of our staff’s favorites, some that our kids made and some that we’ve discovered in our search for ideas.

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Friendship Bracelets
If your child knows how to make friendship bracelets, this is a great one. It is so creative and will most likely be different from what everyone else is handing out.

I Pick You!
A friend made this and it made us laugh so hard. You can get 24 Nose Pencil Sharpeners for $10 on Amazon. And then make the card and tie it on with a rubber band. (If you’re feeling lazy, you can buy them at fishpond .com)

Valentine’s Will Stink Without You
Here’s another fun, food-free valentineyou can make on the computer and tape a scented marker onto the back.

All That & a Bag of Chips
If your child wants to give a treat and you’re looking for a way to give something besides candy, use chips–you could even use somehting healthier like sun chips. From happyhomefairy.com

I Never Tire of You
This is the best idea for little boys. You can buy chocolate cars and make tire marks with a hot wheel. Visit Spoonful.com for exact directions. Your car/cards are sure to be a hit.

You Left Your Mark on Me.
Heather did this one for her daughter. You can print out her template and just use clear packing tape to attach a marker.

Bee Mine
Use craft paper to create a cute little bee with heart wings and pipe cleaners for the attenae. Need a step-by-step? Click here.

We Just Fit
We got this idea from a-life-from-scratch.com. Grab one of those puzzles in your house that is missing pieces and use it to make valentines.

from She Wears Many Hats.

You’re All Write!
Another one where you can use a fun pen or Valetine’s day pencil. This one is easy for little ones. You can have them cut out the heart and slip in the pencil for you.

Be Minecraft
For Minecraft lovers, here’s one you can make on the computer: “You’re dynamite” with a dynamite block from Minecraft.

I’ve Got My Eye on You
Your little ones can have lots of fun with this one making all kinds of silly monsters.

You Can Count on Me
Here is an easy one for a boy or girl. This is by Spoonful.com as well. You just need two lollipops and construction paper. Check out their site for complete details.

If your daughter is into butterflies you can make something like this or similar.  I would personally put a pack of lifesavers in the middle and say “you are a real lifesaver”, you can swap in whatever you would like even pencils if candy is not allowed.

You Mooove Me
Use small paper plates and either cut out hearts or heart stickers.

You Make My Heart Bounce
Either write or or print cards from the computer. If your kids are little, they can help by putting the balls into bags and taping on the card.

I Have My Eye on You.
I love this one because there’s no candy involved from stylemotivation.com

Fish School
Here’s a really cute one. You could trace the fish bowl, have them watercolor the blue water and write in note: “I’m so glad that we’re in the same school” or download and print from etsy.

You Make My Heart Pop
Another cute one without a snack: You Make My Heart Pop with a balloon attached from iheartnaptime.

Love Bugs
Get a bag of gummy worms, put them in a ziploc with “Love Bugs.” From blovelyevents.

You Make my Heart Glow
Another good one if you don’t want to give candy. Use a glow stick.

You Rock!
This is an easy one. Print out from the computer and then use patterned scissors.

Friendship Stones
We love this ideas from redtedart.com: instead of paper, paint friendship rocks.

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