Why Are So Many Houses for Sale in Ridgewood?

This is more of a question than it is a post, and I’d love a better answer if anyone has one.
I’m a little freaked out.

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On every block in Ridgewood, NJ, there are several houses for sale. It is starting to feel a little eerie. Does everyone know something I don’t know? Awesome for the realtors, but what about the town and our property value? When I was looking in 2005 and 2006, inventory was scarce. Things have changed, and clearly we are now in a buyers market. Why?

In addition to just your normal turnover (empty nesters, separations, job relocations, etc.) my best, uneducated guesses:

— New tax laws, making the cost of living here unaffordable
— Fear of the impending apartment development and the subsequent overcrowding in the schools
— To get away from the ever-increasing traffic and congestion
— General trend toward downsizing and (smart) aversion to becoming house poor
— It has always been like this in the spring, and I am just noticing it because I’ve had my head buried in the lacrosse/soccer/carpool/hell sand every year prior.

What is it? Any ideas? If there is a secret, please let me in on it.


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Author: Karen Latimer

Karen is a Family Physician, Wellness Coach, and founder of Tips From Town. She is passionate about sharing her medical expertise, her coaching techniques and her parenting experience to encourage happier and healthier lives.


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