Three of My Favorite Supplements

These are three of my favorite daily supplements and you can get them in any grocery store these days. For more specialized types, try a health food store.

fish oil1. Fish Oil – Omega 3. I take capsules with my morning smoothie, but you can get this as an oil, too. There are also non-fish sources of Omega 3 in capsule form. Omega 3s are essential unsaturated fatty acids that are NOT made in our bodies. This wonderful anti-inflammatory is also great for the skin, metabolism, eye, brain and cardiovascular health, and is not common in our North American diet (unless you happen to consume fatty fish two or more times a week).

2. Flax Seeds – I use ground seeds in smoothies, or add to any type of meal like a pasta sauce, straight into cooked quinoa, or ground meat. You can get these whole or ground. To get the most out of them they need to be ground, so whole seeds will work if you are using them in a blender. This is an excellent source of fiber and also, a plant based source of omega 3 and an antioxidant that has shown to reduce risk of certain cancers, heart disease and stroke.

3. Chia Seeds – Once used by the Aztecs as “energy food”, they’re full of protein, fiber, and even, calcium. This little seed is an antioxidant that also contains omega 3s. It can be mixed with water to form a gel used to thicken smoothies, sauces and soups or make tapioca- type pudding or different drinks. They can also be added directly to various dishes.

Fat-Free Indian Eggplant “Salsa”

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