Rustic Natural Thanksgiving Table

A fabulous table setting can be as close as the local tree service, the farmers’ market, or your own backyard.

Stack a Multilevel Centerpiece

Use cut logs to create different levels at the center of the table. You can also use wooden boxes or vintage books. Stack the logs along the length of the table, and top some with moss, others with small arrangements, and still others with candles.

Create Small Arrangements

Use silver serving pieces as petite vases for individual blooms rather than creating one large floral centerpiece. Dahlias, lamb’s ears, drumsticks, yarrow, and artemisia leaves make a fall look. Try hollowing out a small pumpkin as a vase.

Burlap Table Runners

Nothing says rustic more than burlap. Make your own decorative runner. Measure and cut burlap, leaving six inches of fabric on either side of the table. Use a skewer to lift threads of burlap to weave ribbon through the table runner, or attach ribbon to the runner using fabri-tac glue.

Pheasant Feathers

Pheasant feathers are a simple yet dramatic centerpiece. Decorating the tabletop, they look so pretty and are perfectly suitable for the season. Take this table setting for instance, using feathers in the napkin rings.

Apple Votive Centerpieces

First, rest a votive on top of an apple and use the craft knife to trace around it. Second, move the votive and make straight cuts the depth of the craft knife all around the circle you traced. Try to cut straight down (it helps to imagine the straight edge of the votive).  When carving the hole for the tea light, start with the melon baller, and then neatly finish edges with a pairing knife. Fill the peat pot with crunched paper first so you just need to add moss to the top. To prepare your votives the day before, rub lemon juice over the carved apple and place in the fridge until ready to use. Try making ones with gourds and pumpkins too.

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