Preparing a Perfect Cheese Plate

I love cheese before or after a meal. In fact, I would choose cheese and a glass of wine over coffee and chocolate for dessert. It’s a nice way to finish off your bottle before moving on to a dessert wine. Served at the beginning of a casual meal, function or picnic, the Antipasto style […]

Smoky Olive Poppers

For a little item, these sure pack a punch of spicy goodness! (I used larger olives here for the photo, but I do recommend smaller olives for the recipe.)

Pita Greek Pizzas

Assemble these little masterpieces in a pinch.  A lot of yummy things happening on one pita bringing a little slice of the Mediterranean into your home.

Mexican Pizza Pie

Simple and easy.  Make 2 for a perfectly fulfilling weeknight dinner.

Southwestern Style Cobb Salad

Not only does this salad offer a pretty palette but a solid meal for the entire family.  Incorporates all of the important food groups and the Green Goddess Dressing is the “cherry-on-top.”  Give yourself some time to marinate the chicken…...

Stuffed Baguette

Bread stuffed with cheese? Can’t go wrong with that combo. Nifty slices to serve up at your next get-together.

Grilled Bread w/Arugula, Goat Cheese, Olives & Onions

A portion of this can be prepared ahead of time saving you time when assembling. I like to grill the onion slices rather than saute… keeping them together with wooden skewers helps from them sliding through the grill grate. The citrus...


OMG! A pizza and a calzone all in one? Genius. Thankfully, Food & Wine published Rustic’s (Francis Ford Coppola’s restaurant) recipe Pizza Vesuvio With the Works.  I’m referring to it as the Pizzone. It’s got a little...

Greek Skewers

Super simple. Super yummy.