St. Patrick’s Day Leprechaun Brunch Or Breakfast

Why not switch it up and do a St. Patrick’s Day Brunch/Breakfast this year? It’s the perfect opportunity to create a colorful brunch for your family. Get creative and surprise them with some simple treats made from items you probably have sitting around in your pantry. A breakfast full of shamrocks, rainbows and leprechauns.

Not Just A Housewife  makes Rainbow Bread by separating bread dough into 6 balls, working the food coloring into it, then rolling each color flat, stacking them and rolling it up so it looks like a loaf of bread. Stick it in the bread pan to rise again.

Marbles and green food coloring! Simple as that. Recipe by Photo easily turns ordinary cupcakes or muffins into shamrocks. The kids will love them.

Here is the list of ingredients you will need to create a St. Patricks Day Brunch from  My Sister’s Suitcase:  St. Patty’s Pancakes – green pancakes, Shamrock Syrup – maple syrup,  Pinch-proof Potion – green milk,  Clouds in a bottle – whipped cream (in a can), Chocolate O’ Hersheys – chocolate syrup,  Magic clover dust – powdered sugar or green sprinkles, Lucky leprachaun teeth – white chocolate chips, Lucky Charms – Lucky Charms cereal, Pot O’ Gold eggs – scrambled eggs, and Rainbow on a stick – fruit kabobs.

Shamrock Smoothie Blender Ingredients from Crafts For Children:  honeydew melon, apple juice, orange juice, and ice.

Eat a rainbow by the  Iowa Farmers Wife using these ingredients: Cloud: Greek yogurt, Red: Fresh Strawberries, Orange: Fresh Mandarin oranges and carrots, Yellow: Frozen (thawed) pineapple, Green: Fresh kiwi and spinach leaves, Blue/Indigo/Violet: Fresh blueberries, and Pot of Gold: Chopped cheese stick.

Beth Proud Foot creates a sweet treat using pretzel bags (you can buy them at Michael’s). Put four rolos in the bottom of the bag and add layers of m&m’s (this would work with any type of candy–skittles, gumballs, jellybeans). Close the bag with a twist tie (they come with the bags) and add the free printable banner tag.

Drop Your Pants on St. Patrick’s Day

David Vance Photography

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