Be on the lookout for #ChathamRocks

I recently came across the mention of something called #ChathamRocks on a Facebook community page, and it immediately piqued my interest. So, of course, I set out to find out more about it.

First thing I discovered: YES, it involves real rocks. Simple run-of-the-mill outdoor rocks, which can be found, well, just about anywhere!

Chatham resident Sharon Klein Roche started the #ChathamRocks community inspired project after learning about it from her cousin, who started a similar group in her hometown. Sharon believed it would be “a fun way to add to our community by inspiring creativity and encouraging us all to spend more time outdoors”.

Sharon went on to explain how it works: 

Go to the Chatham Rocks (Chatham NJ) Facebook page and request to become a member of the group. (they have over 300 members!)

Find and paint the front of your rock however you’d like, in your choice of style. Then tag the back of the rock with the #ChathamRocks hashtag.

Now comes the really fun part; HIDE YOUR PAINTED ROCK somewhere in town so others may find them.**

Post fun images and hints on the Chatham Rocks Facebook page for members on the hunt. If and when you find a rock, snap a photo and share to the page. You may decide to keep your newfound rock or hide it in a different location.

I think this is such a clever idea and fun for families and kids of all ages. Let’s all get busy on our own personal Chatham Rocks creation! 

**participants are asked not to hunt or hide rocks on private property


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