On the Go Healthy Snacks

Amy’s Easy Almond Protein balls are a perfect on-the-go snack.

As your days leading up to the holidays are filled with last minute shopping and shipping; baking and cooking; wrapping and decorating and so on and so on, you may find that there’s no time for meals or forget to eat altogether. You’ll need to keep your energy up as well as your health. If taking the time to have a real sit down meal is not a possibility, consider stocking your fridge and pantry with these items to throw together a quick, healthy and filling snack. These snacks can be kept in your car or handbags too, just take the necessary precautions for proper storage such as sealed bags and ice packs. Throw in bottled waters or coconut waters, utensils and napkins to round it out.

• 1 Boiled egg

Smoothies–no spoon or fork required!

• make our healthy chocolate pumpkin muffin

• 8 oz low fat chocolate milk (with it’s protein, carbs and electolytes it makes for a great post workout snack)

• an almond butter & banana sandwich

• 4 oz low fat cottage cheese with fruit like berries or tomatoes

• Apple or celery slices with 1tbsp of peanut butter, sun butter or almond butter

• 1 whole-wheat pita or low salt pretzels with 2 tbsp hummus

• peanutbutter and berries on Ezekiel bread

• Make Amy’s Almond Protein Balls

• ½ cup Edemame with a pinch of sea salt

• ½ a whole-wheat bagel with 1 tbsp low fat cream cheese

• ½ cup Roasted chickpeas (olive oil, sea salt, pepper – 400 degrees, 25min)

• Individual serving microwave popcorn (sprinkle with grated parmesan)

• Energy bars (my favorite is Lara –it’s organic and raw and comes in a variety of flavors)

• Handful of nuts (watch the salt), almonds, walnuts, pistachios

• Melba Toast, cream cheese with cranberries or raisins sprinkled on top

• Individual packet of instant oatmeal sprinkle with cinnamon, dried fruit and or nuts

• Multigrain crackers with low fat ricotta, drizzled with honey

• Low fat greek yogurt sprinkled with berries, honey or granola

• A bunch of grapes, and one serving of babybell or laughing cow cheese

These are just a few healthy snack suggestions that are high in protein, low in sugar and fat. A little bit of fat and sugar are good to help provide that satisfied feeling. All snacks are roughly about 200 cals or less (give or take).  Of course the old standby of fruits and raw veggies are also ideal but you may want to pair these with a protein source like peanut butter or cheese.


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