Halloween S’mores

Halloween S'moresThis is not the healthiest of snacks but it sure is the cutest. It is Halloween after all. I came across this idea after seeing it at a store and I decided I could make this at a fraction of the cost they were selling it. I am taking it to a Halloween party for kids as my hostess gift.

All you need is graham crackers, Hershey’s bars and Peeps marshmallow ghosts. Slice the graham crackers with a serrated knife and place half a Hershey bar in between. Slide it into a small cellophane bag with a ghost peep on top and tie it with a ribbon. You now have the cutest hostess gift at the party or a great treat forĀ ghosting.



Kids Health, Nutrition, Halloween, healthy nutritional, treats, trick or treating, non-edible treats, organic treats, food choices, cash for candy, FARE, Teal Pumpkin Project, food allergies, tips, safety, tips from townLooking for a healthy snack for Halloween? Try one of these.

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Author: amynidds

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