Ice Cream Alert: Something Pleasing for the Palette

by Allison Von der Lippe

Hippocrates said, “Let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food.” For me, ice cream is my medicine. So I was thrilled to discover a new ice cream spot at Coventry called Sub Zero. You will not find traditional hard-packed ice cream at Sub Zero.  Neither will you find the kind of soft ice cream you get at Dairy Queen.

You will find intense flavors like Key Lime and Mocha Latte.  You will find unusual toppings like red bean and coconut or chocolate chips.  While not traditional, the flavors are generally surprisingly pleasing.

The balance between interesting and just plain strange can be tricky, but the experience is worth it for 5 dollars per treat. Two can share a treat if needed.  Yet, you may want your own once you go there.

Sub Zero is on Coventry Road next to Confulence Yoga.


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