Get Hot & Sweaty on Date Night

I absolutely love date night.  With kids it is so easy to forget that at one time it was just the two of us.  Date night gives us a chance to reconnect, even if only for a couple of hours.  For us, date night has mostly consisted of dinner and drinks.  As my kids have gotten older, date nights have become more frequent.  We don’t need babysitters anymore and most weekends my teens are out with their own friends.  While this is awesome, more date nights have also meant more calories….that is until recently.  My husband and I have started making our date nights at the gym working out together.  Of course, I still love a night out on the town, but this is a great addition to spending quality time together.  We have both always belonged to the same gym, but in the past we did not go there together.  I would spend an hour in a class and then jump on the treadmill while he hit the weights which I am totally intimidated by.  

It is easy to get lost in your own workout, but it is possible to have fun with your partner at the same time as getting fit.  It takes a little planning to turn this healthy activity into a date, but once you start there is no turning back!  You will want to make this a permanent addition to your week.

3 Tips for a Successful Gym Date:

1. Definitely get a cute workout outfit.

I am no stranger to showing up at the gym in my old sweats and messy hair.  I’m lucky I have a few nights free just to get to the gym, so I’m certainly not worried about what I’m wearing.  But when it’s my date night, than absolutely no big t-shirts and old sweats.  With the popularity of athleisure EVERYONE is selling workout gear.  This means that you can find something cute no matter what your price range whether it’s from LululemonTarget or Kohl’s, there is something for everyone.

2. Don’t Split Up

Make sure you stay together at the gym.  Hit the weights and you can both work on the same muscle, just lift what you can.  Just because you are not both at the same fitness level is not an excuse to split up.

3. Make a Plan

Decide which days work best for the both of you and plan out what you are going to work on for that day.  If you know ahead of time that you are going to the gym together, you will be better prepared to get out the door.  You can make sure you have clean gear, dinner is ready from the day before, and/or babysitting has been arranged in advance.  Most gyms have child care but only offer it during certain hours.  Check your gym’s schedule so that you know the best time to get out of the house.


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Author: Jennifer Koliatsis

Jennifer is a middle school English teacher. She lives in Bethpage with her husband and two teenagers. To her, a great night out is anywhere with great people, whether that's at home, a new restaurant, or even a PTA meeting.


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