End summer boredom at Round 1 in Hicksville


“I’m bored.”  I think this is one of the most irritating things to hear from my child during the summer.  Kids spend all year waiting for summer break and when it comes they suddenly have nothing to do.  

In my quest to entertain my children (I know that’s wrong, but I need to protect my sanity) I discovered Broadway Mall in Hicksville has recently opened up a super cool arcade called Round 1.

Round 1 is an amusement chain that originally started in Japan.  Recently it began opening arcades across the US and Broadway Mall now has one of their own!  There is no shortage of awesome activities for kids and parents.  For the parents and older kids, you’ll find bowling, billiards and karaoke.  If you’re looking for something a little different you can also play darts and ping-pong.  Also, for the little ones is a kids play zone.  Go hungry because you can order plenty of food like pizza and burgers.

Oh, and something else you will find at Round 1 is an assortment of Japanese games no one else offers. Get more details by checking out their website here: https://www.round1usa.com

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Author: Jennifer Koliatsis

Jennifer is a middle school English teacher. She lives in Bethpage with her husband and two teenagers. To her, a great night out is anywhere with great people, whether that's at home, a new restaurant, or even a PTA meeting.


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