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“Tis the season” for parties, gatherings, concerts, celebrations, shopping, decorating, planning and prepping but “tis the season” for stress and anxiety for many people as they try to plan and create the perfect holiday. Slow down and simplify is much easier said than done but oh so true. Let’s be realistic, you are probably not going to change everything all at once but instilling small changes can help decrease your stress levels and allow you to enjoy the season rather than resent and dread it.

Take Inventory – determine exactly what’s most important and then omit from your unending list of to-dos. Maybe this means decreasing the number of holiday parties and get-togethers. Or perhaps scaling down your own holiday party. Hibernate – Stay home for the holidays and focus on your immediate family and loved ones. Or plan a trip away and remove you and your family from the craziness of this time of year.

Simplify – Instead of buying everything your kids ask for choose one or two really special gifts and leave it at that. You could even have them choose gifts of the dollar value you would have spent on them, and donate to charity.

Exercise – For your healthy state of mind, try to keep up your exercise even if it’s not at the level you’re used to, doing something will make you feel physically and psychologically better than doing nothing (and eating and drinking more). Try to watch the eating. Don’t deny yourself – this is the holidays after all, but limit the sweets and watch the alcohol and rich, heavy food intake.

Quiet Time – Schedule time into your daily routine for quiet you time (separate from exercise). It can be as little as 10-15 minutes of just you. Find a quiet, private room, dim the lights (add candles and soothing tunes if you want), and find a comfortable sitting or lying position. Try deep breathing meditation, muscle relaxation or guided meditation. Read motivational or inspirational readings, or sacred texts and meditate on these. Or simply sit in prayer and contemplation. Just a few minutes will re-charge you and prepare you for the rest of your day.

Others – try mantra meditation (repeat a calming word, phrase o prayer). Get out of the car and take a walk, a yoga or tai chi class, get a massage or take a hot bath with Epsom salts to soothe achy, tired muscles.

Allot a set time daily. Tell your family so you are not disturbed or interrupted.

Let go of the minutiae of the season, take a step back and remember the bigger picture; what its really all about and discover the joy and peace this time of year is meant to, stress, de-stressing for the holidays, stress busters, simplify, exercise, meditate, relax, time out, tips from town


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