Around the World NYE Party

Travel the time zones. It’s always midnight somewhere in the world, so set clocks around the house to ring in the New Year in other time zones. Bring the world to your house or neighborhood by having an Around the World Party.

Pick and choose your favorites. The best Around The World Parties have at least 4 countries. You could do one from each continent.


Have different countries in different rooms of your home. This party is can also be turned into a progressive block party by teaming up with the people that live around you. Each of you hosts a country and the party will never stop.

Music Playlist

Play your favorite party songs or music from the countries your have at your party!


Invites that looked like airplane tickets can be enclosed in a pamphlet style travel document holder. Printed on the computer, it is a snap to figure out how to make a tri-fold ticket holder. Or check out these editable printables for $14.95 on Simone Made It.

Around the World Party Decorations

Make big signs that say what country is where. Also, use flags and the colors of each country to decorate!

Have items (hats, clothing, decorations) from each country around to take photos with. For example, big beer steins for Germany, goofy tall England hats, sombreros for Mexico.

Country Drink/Cocktail Beer Food *

Australia 1) Aussie Boomerang Shot 2) Fosters Beer 3) Rissoles

Brazil 1) Emily’s Caipirinha 2) Brahma Pão de queijo (cheese buns)

China 1) Crouching Tiger Shooter 2) Tsingtao Beer 3) Egg Rolls or Emily’s Asian Style Flank Steak Entree

England 1) English Rose Cocktail 2) Fuller’s London Beer 3) Fish & Chips

France 1) Champagne 2) Belzebuth Beer 3) French Cheese and Croissants

Germany 1) German Chocolate Cake Shot 2) Hofbräu 3) Bratwurst

Ireland 1) Irish Coffee 2) Guinness 3) Irish Soda Bread

Japan 1) Sake 2) Sapporo Beer 3) Sushi

Kenya 1) Dawa African Cocktail 2) Tusker Lager 3) Mandazi (fried dough)

Mexico 1) Tequila Shots 2) Dos Equis Beers 3) Tacos

Morroco 1) Moroccan Mint Tea Cocktail 2) Casablanca Beer 3) Shebakia Cookies

Peru 1) Pomelo Cocktail 2) Cusquena Beer 3) Oven Baked Plantains

Russia 1) Killing Rasputian Cocktail 2) Baltika 3) Pirozhki (little pies with savoury fillings)

Spain 1) Emily’s White Wine Sangria 2) Estrella Beer 3) Emily’s Spanish Pork Burgers

USA 1) Classic Gin Martini 2) Budweiser 3) Hot Dogs

Games & Activities

Create a treasure hunt throughout your countries.

Create trivia at each country that players must answer. Players drink if they miss a question.

Have flamenco dancing lessons is Spain.

A stein holding contest in Germany.

Play Irish Musical Chairs in Ireland.

Make Chinese Paper Lanterns in China.

Hold a Dance Contest in Brazil.

For each drink in each country have the recipe listed without one ingredient. Make your friends guess what’s missing.

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