Last Minute Oscar Party Ideas

With a few tricks, it’s possible to throw together an enjoyable Oscar night party that your guests will remember. Best of all, it won’t break your budget to celebrate the glamour of the night. If you didn’t get a chance to see all the movies, half the fun of it is watching the show. Seriously, who has time to watch all of those foreign films and short films?

Vote Ballots

Guessing the winner is a favorite pastime of Oscar-watchers of all types. Make your awards night party memorable with DIY vote ballots that allow guests to pick their winners. The Oscars printable ballots from Popsugar with the nominee names and categories, so your guests can play along with the event as it plays out. Make your vote ballots really pop by stuffing them in gold envelopes. Buy gold envelopes at a stationery store, or use glue and glitter to make your own sparkling envelopes.

Fancy Table

Get top hats and line them with gold paper. Fill it with popcorn and other snacks to add fancy party containers to your snack table. Run a red tablecloth or wrapping paper across the table and sprinkle gold-star confetti to create a mini red carpet.

Black and White Desserts

A black and white dessert table is a must. Black and white parfaits and other sweets are easy to assemble. There are so many easy choices for desserts that are black and white (chocolate and vanilla) that this theme would be a cinch to pull off. Tons more ideas on this wonderful blog, Celebrations at the Home.

Guess the Star

Cut photos from old magazines or print them out online and attach them to index cards. During commercial breaks, play the “guess the star” trivia game with your guest. You can even give out awards to winners of the game at the end of the night.

Glitzy Decor

Get cheap plastic jewelry and attach big, plastic gems with hot glue to create highly-embellished jewelry. Use rings like napkin holders or around candles to add a touch of bling to your table decor. Drape strings of “pearls” and gold necklaces around tables to dress them up, and bring glamor to every corner of the party. Use red tinsel and hot glue around a cardboard tube to create a DIY napkin ring. Add a gold pom pom with another dot of hot glue, and voila.

Gold Stars

Cut stars out on gold paper or foil, attach them to fishing line, and hang them from the ceiling. The glittering stars add the perfect detail to your glitzy, fancy Oscar party. Add more gold stars to tables and candles to continue the theme of the night.


Serve mini champagne bottles with black straws. You’ll save on glassware and you can hang cute name tags around the bottle – add to the theme by using Oscar nominee’s names instead of guest’s.

Photo Booth

Make a quick run to the party store for some golden statuettes; Hang a gold lame “curtain” for photo ops; Include photo booth props like boas, hats, fake jewelry & sunglasses.


Make sure to keep food light and make room for a popcorn bar. The simplest party popcorn bar will consist of plain popcorn and a variety of seasonings and toppings that guests can use to create their own “gourmet” popcorn. Here is a “How To” from on how to create your own flavored popcorn.

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