12 Tips for Consistent Healthy Eating in 2016


De-clutter your way to healthier eating. Sometimes we put our biggest roadblocks in place. Poor eating habits can stem from cluttered and disorganized fridges and pantries. Too often the “bad” snacks are front and center and the better choices are hidden, difficult to access or simply non-existent. With a little preparation, organization and cleaning you can actually set yourself up for healthier eating. shutterstock_107068007

  1. Toss ALL expired products
  2. Toss ALL foods, condiments etc with either more than 5 ingredients on the label and/or with ingredients you have never heard of or cannot pronounce. Stick with olive oil, vinegars, citrus, herbs and spices.
  3. Keep all goodies sealed tight and placed out of reach and inconvenient to access (back of fridge or pantry). Think: out of sight, out of mind.
  4. Keep a bowl filled and with ready to eat, washed fruits (at least 4 different types) on the table or kitchen counter where the whole family can have access.
  5. Wash and cut up vegetables (try to aim for 5 or more different types in your fridge) and store in a sealable container placed at eye level in the front of the fridge – easily accessible healthy snacks.Heart Healthy Foods
  6. Portion out snacks and goodies in sealable bags or containers according to package labels to avoid unconscious noshing.
  7. Weekly meal plans (2-3 meals per week that include lean meats, fish and/or beans and legumes). Strict shopping lists and food shopping when you are NOT hungry will cut down on those unhealthy impulse snack buys.
  8. Stick to the outer perimeter of the grocery store – these items are more perishable which means they are fresher, less processed and preserved, therefore, better for you.the 4 best online grocery stores, groceries, grocery shopping
  9. Get rid of chips, candy, cookies, crackers and granola or breakfast bars. If you must, bake your own granola and treats so you can control the amount of sugars and fats.
  10. Switch out regular white rice and pasta for brown rice and whole grain pasta, quinoa, and soba.
  11. Get rid of all sodas and sugared drinks. Decrease your alcohol inventory so you’re not tempted to over –indulge or consume daily.
  12. Ensure you are equipped with all the essential tools to eat healthy such as good cookware, a blender, food processor, and storage containers for at home and for “meals to go”.
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Author: tammyjuco

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