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5 Tips to Make Yourself Drink More Water

You already know you should be drinking more water. It is good for your skin, your metabolism and your digestive system. It also helps satiate hunger, so it is great for weight loss. Even knowing the benefits, a diet coke or a glass of wine is just so much more appealing. I have to employ […]

Is Your Child Getting Enough Sleep? Find Out.

How much sleep do our kids need? The question is commonly debated by researchers and parents alike. The more, the better I usually say, up to a logical point of course. National guidelines under the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend 8.5 hours of sleep for tweens and teens, and at least 10 hours for children ages 5-10. […]

10 Reasons to Exercise…Even if You Hate it.

“You can’t out-train crappy eating.” This is a very true, somewhat depressing statement. What is the first thing everyone who wants to lose weight does? They join a gym. For the small percentage of people who actually then go to the gym, the results can be disappointing, discouraging them from continuing. Unfortunately, the weight doesn’t […]

10 Signs That Your Body is Trying Tell You Something!

Summer is the season for relaxation, and right about now, we should all be feeling pretty good. The lack of kids’ schedules, the ease of sliding on flip flops and the extra vitamin D should all add up to ZEN. However, it is right about now, with August looming that the stress starts to sneak […]

3 Easy Resolutions for a Healthy 2018

The holidays are over, the kids are going back to school and you are back to your routine but you might still be trying to recover from a prolonged indulgence. Skipped workouts, lack of sleep and excesses in rich foods, sweets and alcohol may have left a lingering affect on you. No fear – these […]

3 Steps I Took To Improve My Health…That Didn’t Involve Dieting or Workouts

Everybody says the best way to lose weight is by eating better and exercising daily. We all know that by now, but I was able to try some new things to improve my health on my own and it worked!

Healthy Weight is as Easy as 1, 2, 3

There are no magic pills, diets, or shoes to help you drop those pounds - BUT following this 3-prong approach will help you lose fat weight and keep it off for good.

Are Organized People Healthier?

I like to think they are just more boring, but the research shows, they may actually be enjoying a more healthy life.

12 Tips for Consistent Healthy Eating in 2016

Adopting healthier lifestyle habits does not have to be daunting. Making small changes and staying consistent can lead to huge changes without feeling impossible or tortuous.

Prevent Holiday Illness in Your Family

Read some tips to prevent illness during the holidays.


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