10 Reasons Why Moms Love Game On! Sports 4 Girls.

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Not to age myself, but when I was a kid, if you were a girl and wanted to play soccer or football, you’d have been playing on an all-boy team and labeled as a “tomboy.” We’ve come a long way–and most of it is good. I love that sports are a part of my daughters’ lives and that it teaches them teamwork, encourages healthy habits, and increases their concentration.

But so many sports programs out there require making it past a stressful try-out and are extremely competitive and exclusive–even for little ones.  There seems to be so much pressure on children to specialize on one sport at a very young age– something that the American Academy of Pediatrics Council advises against— before a child has even had time to explore all the options out there.

If you’re looking for a program that allows your daughter to explore, Game On! Sports Camp 4 Girls Powered by Force Sports is a breath of fresh air! Game On! Sports Camp 4 Girls’ programs have successfully achieved a perfect balance between athleticism and personal growth. They encourage healthy competition and teach the mechanics of a sport in a warm, caring, nurturing environment that is conducive to taking risks and encouraging your child to excel based on her individual abilities. Heck, Game On! would have even made a shy, unathletic kid like me grow to love sports!

While their sports programs can be just as physically intense and challenging, Game On! places less emphasis on winning and competition, and more emphasis on “girl power,” or as they refer to it GirlStrong. Their Cleveland program is in collaboration with Force Sports, a local, respected youth sports organization that shares their passion for an experience and environment that focuses on each participants growth as an athlete and a person.Their philosophy centers on:

• Building self-confidence   • Encouraging respect for others   • Promoting a positive body image
• Supporting your team   • Teaching leadership skills  • Emboldening girls to take risks

Here are 10 reasons why moms (and kids) are going to love Game On! Sports Camp 4 Girls:

  1. Teaching the GirlStrong attitude. They give girls an enhanced sense of what it means to be GirlStrong. Game On! emphasizes your daughter’s individual confidence, pride and strength. And indeed as she excels in her sport, her confidence is boosted.
  2. An emphasis on wellness. Besides playing sports (and having fun) they learn lessons in health and wellness that come with participation in sports and fitness. They encourage girls to be strong in mind and body. Their signature Healthier4Me program integrates important values and life skills that emphasize believing in yourself, giving back and having a positive body image.
  3. They know how to teach girls. Boys and girls can be so physically and emotionally different. Game On has devoted years to creating developmental sports programming specialized for girls. They have the needed expertise when it comes to teaching girls sports fundamentals and beyond.
  4. Exposure to multiple sports. They have an opportunity to learn, play and advance in multiple sports daily in a spirited, team-oriented, all-girl environment.
  5. No pressure to win. Rather than emphasizing winning, they focus on healthy competition and challenging yourself and your team to do their best and have fun.
  6. Exposure to role models. Game On pays special attention to hiring not only athletes who are specially trained and share their passion for sports, but that are role models. They foster strong relationships with local women’s professional and collegiate sports teams. Families have opportunities to take outings to games and in-camp clinics.
  7.  Flexible week options. For families who travel or can’t commit to a whole summer, you can choose your weeks as long as you choose a 2 week minimum. They also offer after camp care until 5:30pm.
  8.  We can send our littlest to big girls there. Their camps accommodate ages 4 through 14. Younger campers ages 4 – 5 have a half day option that goes from 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.
  9. Get a break from packing lunches! When June rolls around, the last thing I want to do in the summer is pack another lunch!  Game On offers a catered kid-friendly lunch for $35 a week.
  10. Its fun! Kids have all the fun you’d have at any other day camp with special events like carnival days, water wars, tie dye days, talent shows, spirit contests and more.

Sports they play include: Soccer, Basketball, Lacrosse, Softball, Volleyball, Tennis, Field Hockey, Flag Football, Fitness, Touch Rugby, Horseback Riding, Yoga, Martial Arts, Swimming, and Track & Field.

 There camps at two locations in Ohio this summer:
Gates Mills from June 18-July 27 and then in Hudson from July 30-August 10.

Camps are 9am – 3pm and go from June 18 to July 27.
Early Bird Discount is available until March 12. Enter code: EBGameOn!2018 at checkout.
To register go to GameOn! Sports Camp for Girls.

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