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14 Reasons Why Parents (& Kids) Love Camp Riverbend

Choosing the right camp can be overwhelming. We thought we’d take the time to share some of things that that make Camp Riverbend special. Even though the camp is only about 35 minutes from New York City, it feels world’s away, a perfect place for a kid to unplug and explore.  Here’s what parents (and […]

Sleepaway Camp For Every Type of Child

Sleep away camp is probably the best thing we can give our tech-savvy, hyper parented kids. Now there is a sleepaway camp for every personality and passion.

Calling All Tinkerers to Camp Louemma!!

Disassembly and intense interest in the every day are signs of a strong creative, intuitive instinct.  Have you ever left your child alone for a few minutes and come back only to find the DVD player or an electronic toy…completely disassembled?! Or remember buying your toddler the newest and greatest “IT” toy for his birthday only to find […]

Last Minute Summer Camps

If summer vacation is seeming endless and you need ideas for your kids, here are some late august camps to get you through.

Best Family Camps 2014

Family camps typically have beautiful settings, simple lodgings, meals included and many outdoors and other activities. Going a week at a summer family camp can make great memories: outdoors fun during the day-time, campfires at night and all at a lower price.

Camp Directory 2013

Have a week or two to fill this summer? Not a worry. There's something for everyone in our camp directory!

Summer Camps with a Healthy Focus

With the spotlight on rising obesity rates in children, summer camps are revamping age-old camp ways.