Sun Safety for Skin Cancer Awareness Month

6 Quick Tips to prevent skin cancer!

I never thought that I would get skin cancer.

I never thought that I would get skin cancer.  I am very fair and so I have always taken extra precautions before spending time in the sun.  As a teen, while my friends spent hours baking in the sun, I would be sure to sit under an umbrella so I wouldn’t burn.  I didn’t go […]

Talk to Your Hunk About His Junk

They talk about it incessantly, isn't it about time the conversation was productive?!

Does Nutella Cause Cancer?

It is getting pulled off shelves in Europe. Why?

The Medical News that Mattered in 2016

A summary of the health news of last year that matters to you and your family.

Ovarian Cancer–the Silent Killer…or is it?

Are the symptoms of ovarian cancer silent or are we ignoring them? A little awareness can save your life. Pass this on to the women you love.

What Screening Tests Should I Schedule?

As a Family Doc, a big part of my training and practice focused on preventative medicine. Granted, it is much less sexy than cardiac surgery, but it was my favorite aspect. It is like avoiding an engine rebuild by getting your oil changed once in a while. Screening is just one aspect of prevention, but it is a critical one.

What It Means to Be on the Bone Marrow Registry

It is so easy. Learn the facts, not the rumors.

Dirty Dozen/Clean 15

You may have heard about the Dirty Dozen before, but what is it and really, why should you care?


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