Sweet Tea Lemonade

This is the easiest, best summer cocktail EVER! I am not exaggerating … great for parties, the beach or to cool off while barbecuing. If you prefer a less sweet version, simply add water. For a stronger drink, try the vodka on the rocks with some citrus squeezed in. It tastes like an Arnold Palmer. Because of the vodka, I’ve heard it called a John Daly … which is only funny if you follow golf.

1/3 Sweet Tea Vodka (can get at any liquor store)
2/3 Lemonade (I use Crystal Light)
Fresh Lemon juice to taste (if you don't have it, no worries, still delicious)


1. Mix

2. Serve over ice.


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Author: Karen Latimer

Karen is a Family Physician, Wellness Coach, and founder of Tips From Town. She is passionate about sharing her medical expertise, her coaching techniques and her parenting experience to encourage happier and healthier lives.