Pardis Persian Grill

pardisLast week I had a rare lunch date with my hubby and we tried the new Pardis Persian Grill. We were very pleasantly surprised. The restaurant has been open about 3 weeks now and was not busy at first but did start filling in. The decor is modern and clean and bright; very inviting. The staff were friendly and attentive and very willing to discuss the foods on the menus as well as offer suggestions based on our preferences. They offer everything from chicken, beef, lamb and vegetarian options. The desserts looked great but we were too stuffed.

pardis ridgewoodThe bread with accompanying yogurt dip and chutney were delicious. We ordered the Traditional Kash-Bedamjan which is an eggplant and garlic dip. Light and tasty to start.

For our main course we ordered the Sultani Kebob (2 differently prepared beef Kebobs with a very generous portion of rice) and the GheyMeh, a delicious beef and yellow pea stew served with rice.

The portions were generous and the price was very very good. With seating available for 2 people to 5 or 6, this is perfect for both dates or small groups. They do take reservations and also have a take out menu.

I am definitely looking forward to returning as there were so many interesting menu options.

Pardis Persian Grill, 47 East RIdgewood Ave, Ridgewood, NJ.

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