50 Shades of Grey

By E.L. James
Year: 2011

I don’t know what was more shocking — the erotic scenes (basically the whole book) or the number of times the author used the term “inner goddess”. Fine literature, this is not. But, James must be doing something right, and we as a culture must need a little excitement, because she has three bestsellers. I believe she has put a smile on the face of countless husbands/boyfriends/strangers too. With unrealistic dialogue and a plot more unbelievable than cheap porn, (so I’ve heard) don’t expect much. Think Harlequin Romance on crack, and you won’t be disappointed. Tip — I put a Jane Austen book jacket on mine when I read on a plane. Yes, I am a grown woman. Yes, I was blushing!

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Author: Karen Latimer

Karen is a Family Physician, founder and president of Tips From Town. She loves combining all she learned as a doctor with all she continues to learn as a mom of five to bring you interesting, useful and fun information on the Family Pages.


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