No-Cry Glasses

The girls got me these glasses to use while I am cutting onions because, “We hate when you cry!” I swear the only time I cry is when I am cutting onions, but apparently this is painful for them, and now they can laugh at me while cook.

I was doubtful they would work. I tried them twice though, and either I was cutting really mild onions or they are, in fact, effective. I use onions as a base in almost every meal I make, so I am making room for these in my utensil drawer. My mascara is going to thank me.

On top of that, Larry got a pine needle in his eye last night taking the lights off the tree. After that, he used them to finish the job. I guess they can double as eye protection;) The girls bought them at a mall, but you can pick up a pair of Onion Glasses online too in black or green.

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Author: Karen Latimer

Karen is a Family Physician, founder and president of Tips From Town. She loves combining all she learned as a doctor with all she continues to learn as a mom of five to bring you interesting, useful and fun information on the Family Pages.


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