Jersey Mike’s now open in Chatham

Do you get an occasional craving for a good east coast Jersey sub?  Every so often I just gotta have one!  Never did go for the “italian meat lover” combo, I’ve always preferred turkey or roast beef. For me, the most important elements of the sandwich include: a soggy resistant sub roll, the perfect ratio of oil + vinegar, and fresh variety of sandwich toppings.

And Jersey Mike’s Subs delivers all of the above with an ADDED BONUS – the option for a “mini” size whole wheat roll that eases my carb guilt while satisfying my hunger.

Ask for your sub “Mike’s way” and you’ll get the standard sub toppings; but if you love some spice, I suggest trying the spicy red topping. It gave my sandwich a nice little kick. In addition to cold sandwiches, the menu includes hot subs, wraps, combos, and kids meals. They also offer a rewards program, check out more info on

The recently opened Jersey Mike’s Subs Chatham is located in the Hickory Plaza of Chatham Township.  On the Green Village Road side, close to the movie theater.  On line pick-up orders can be placed at Shunpike Road, (973) 710-0731


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