Calgon is for Wusses

Prevention, in-home spa, in-home escape, bath soaks, steams, facials, masks, scrubs, foot and hand care, homemade, relaxation, stress relief, tips from townCalgon may have worked for our mothers but let’s face it, these busy, hectic times call for drastic measures and somehow Calgon just won’t cut it anymore. This is hardcore relaxation for those serious about their stress relief.

With a little prep and planning you can escape in the comfort of your own home for much, much less than you would spend at a spa.

  1. Schedule it – pick your “spa” day, block it off on your calendars and let your family know too just in case they feel they can trump your schedule.
  2. Get Rid of Your Family – no really – get everyone, hubbies too, out of the house for longer than you think you’ll need. There’s nothing more stressful than trying to relax when all hell is breaking loose around you.
  3. Plan Your “Treatments” – decide what you want to do on your ”Spa day”: a long uninterrupted soak in the tub or full on facial, foot and hand treatments, body wrap and scrub and soak. Determine the order you will do these. Try to do the most labor intensive first and end with that soak.
  4. Prepare – Once you know your plan of action, research the ingredients and tools you’ll need. Make a shopping list and purchase a few days prior to your day. Make all your concoctions the day before or the morning of so they are ready when you are.
  5. Clean and Stage – Nothing says relaxation more than sitting on a bath toy or trying to rinse your face in a toothpaste coated sink. Clean the washroom you’ll be using the night before and make sure it’s off limits until you are done. Stage your setting with ambiance enhancing accessories like special scented candles, new, fluffy bath towels and cloths just for your use, flowers and/or petals for your soak, any bowls, basins etc for your treatments. Consider things like a bath tub tray to hold a book, or wine glass, or anything else that will help turn your bathroom into a spa retreat.
  6. Music – seriously, take the time to prepare relaxing, soothing, calming music so all you have to do is press PLAY and not worry about pressing buttons or switching CDS once you start.
  7. Hydrate – tap water is fine for Calgon users but this is your special day, the night before prepare a large carafe of distilled or sparking water with cut up citrus or cucumber or berries to sit overnight for flavors to meld. If you are having special beverages like wine or champagne, make sure it’s chilled before hand. Use an acrylic wine glass for the tub and, you will have no need to worry about broken glass. It is your day, and if you prefer to drink straight from the bottle … well, who am I to judge?
  8. Let the Relaxing Begin

For info on Body scrubs, facials, masks and foot care click here or here.

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Author: tammyjuco

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