Coping with Jet Lag

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Traveling by plane is stressful enough and when you add a significant time change to your trip, you may be hard pressed to find enjoyment in your first few days on vacation. You may also feel like you need an additional holiday after your trip to conquer jet lag and get back into your regular routine.

Jet lag is actually considered a temporary sleep disorder because rapid travel to different time zones upsets your circadian rhythms. These rhythms essentially tell your body when it’s time to sleep and when to be awake and works off sun exposure, body temp and hormones.

Here are some tips for beating jet lag (or in the very least coping with it):

– Start adjusting to the new time zone before your trip (going to bed earlier or later)

– Change your thinking, adjust your watch to your new time zone once you board the plane and start thinking and acting accordingly

– Drink plenty of water and avoid caffeine and alcohol

– Try to get some sleep on the plane

– Opt for flights that arrive in the morning and then try to push through that first day without napping more than an hour or two. No nap and going to bed early usually works perfectly.

– Upon arrival, eat light, avoid strenuous activity and try to get outside in the sun

– If you have an event or meeting try to schedule to arrive a few days earlier to allow yourself time to adapt to the new time zone

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