Black Bear Who Can’t Bear His Cupcake Craving Loose in NJ

Don’t believe that sugar is an addiction? This should prove you wring. A hungry, sugar-deprived black bear in Rockaway Township couldn’t fight his sugar craving. When he spotted 2 dozen irresistible cupcakes sitting on the seat of a car in a parking lot, the craving overtook him and he broke through the glass window. All 24 were devoured. Only thing left behind was as a smeared frosting paw print.

brownies, cupcakes, peanut butter, peanut butter icing, chocolate

Maybe he was having one of these

Listen, we get it, you can’t bare to live without sweets. Sugar craving are something fierce! SO let’s not shame him for his addiction. Once you start feeding the addiction, any one of us could turn into a window-smashing beast stopping at nothing to get our fix. His actions were a scream for help! Poor thing, needs to take some tips from Fitness Editor, Tammy Juco on How to Fight a Sugar Addiction.

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Author: Heather Zachariah

Former Art Director for Home Magazine and Caribbean Travel & Life, Heather is chauffeur to 3 busy kids; the president of her Home and School Association; and VP of Marketing for TipsFromTown. And she's passionate about all 3!


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