5 Other Options for Spring Break…Besides a Big Expensive Trip.

If you’re looking at trips for this coming spring break, and are shocked at how much
the demand has driven up the price, here are some other options. 

Here are some other options to consider:

1. Local excursions. There are tons of sights to see right in our area. The kids are so busy with sports, we rarely have a chance to get around locally. If you make the point to do it, and book some outings now, you can fill the week with some homegrown fun. Splurge and book a hotel with an indoor pool for one night. Or book a night at a place like Great Wolf with friends. see a Broadway show, hike, hit the museums, visit your favorite NYC haunts, and go to the top of the Empire State Building.

2. Ski Trip. Based on the forecast, the spring skiing in Vermont could be great. Most people want warm over spring break. You can take advantage of the more reasonable rates in April and hit the slopes when everyone else is hitting the Margaritas. Also, check out Erin’s article: The Family Ski Trip: Is It Worth It?

3.  Road Trip. With 7 of us, the flights are often the limiting factor. I’ve seen so little of my own country, spring break may be the perfect time to tour Boston, Philly, Baltimore, Annapolis or any number of beautiful, historical cities which are practically right in our backyard.

4. Lessons. This may be a little too outside the box, but I’m wondering if we can use the week to learn something. The kids want to learn guitar, I’m looking into Spanish lessons. Perhaps the week can be spent bettering ourselves — a kind of family working vacation. Speaking of being better, maybe there is a local volunteer opportunity. This idea needs some work, but it is worth looking into. If we can accomplish something, a week home won’t feel like a bust.

5. Spending the money on something else. The kids are old enough to understand finances and the extravagance on spending so much on one week. There are material things we could all benefit from for a long time. The kids want a pool table, and I want a piano. There might be a nice vacation alternative in there. We are thinking about going to Canada for the women’s World Cup in the summer. We may give up spring break in anticipation of another trip. Even if you can afford the trip, there may be something better to do with the cash.

Spring Break will be here before you know it. Just because you aren’t planning a tropical trip, doesn’t mean you can’t start planning something. Get the whole family involved and start brainstorming some out of the box ideas. Great family memories don’t have to cost a fortune.




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Author: Karen Latimer

Karen is a Family Doctor, mom of five and founder of Tips From Town.


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