Why Did They Have to Kill Off Will?

why did they have to kill off will

I’ve been a huge Good Wife fan from the start. While I love the writing, the characters and Alicia’s rebirth from stay at home, scorned mom to powerhouse lawyer, there is something I love more — the sexual tension between Alicia and Will. Now, Will’s dead (actor Josh Charles was “just ready to move on”,) and I am left wondering where I am going to get my primetime, 40-something year old softish porn fix ? If the show becomes all courtroom drama, mother-in-law angst, bisexuality (Kalinda) and teen issues, I’m out. Maybe Jack Davenport (last seen as Derek Wills on Smash) will be brought back to up the passion factor. Let’s hope co-writers, husband and wife team, Robert and Michelle King, haven’t sunk ┬áinto their own marital lull, with an untoward side effect of depriving the rest of us with a little guilty pleasure. Critics claim the move is meant to enforce Alicia Florrick is not defined by her love interests. Good for her, but where does that leave me Sunday nights at 9?

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Author: Karen Latimer

Dr. Latimer is a Family Physician and Wellness Coach. She helps clients with parenting issues, the challenges of college and young adulthood and issues related to health and habits. Email her at drkarenlatimer@gmail.com to learn more. She is the author of the Audible Original, Take Back the House -- Raising Happy Parents.