Turkey Day Oil-Less Fryer

The Big Easy Infrared Oil-Less Turkey Fryer by Char-Broil cooks your holiday turkey to the same delectable moistness as a standard deep-fryer, but without the dangerous and unhealthy oil. The efficient 16,000 BTU infrared heat cooks your bird (up to sixteen pounds) evenly and quickly, taking only eight to ten minutes per pound. Since there is no oil used in the fryer, turkeys can be prepared not only with marinades under the skin, but also with rubs on the outside. This offers a new twist to achieving turkey’s crispy skin. The outdoor Big Easy Turkey Fryer’s infrared cooking technology offers a healthy, safe and clean alternative to the traditional oil deep-fryer. Price: $99 from Target.

Here is a review: “There are not enough words to say how much I love this machine. I’ve never been that keen on turkey, but since thanksgiving, I’ve done 4 of them, 1 pot roast, 4 pork roasts, 6 chickens… It is now my number one cooking device. Before this cooker, I never did the turkey, leaving it to my mother. Now I’m the chef. Slicing into this bird, the meat is so moist, it drips. 3 days later, making sandwiches, still super moist. People come over and give me and my Big Easy a skeptical look , then I amaze them with the first cut. People fight over the crispy skin.Get the accessories, the hinged basket, the drop in basket to tier your smaller cuts, leg racks. I’ve done 3 tiers of meats.Brine your birds and meats. It adds moisture and seasoning. There’s dozens of recipes for brine, and we inject marinades too. This machine makes anyone a good cook, so all you GOOD cooks, imagine what it will do for you.”

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Author: erinpruitt

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