Things to Know Before Buying A Second Home

A Coastal Living Magazine expert tells you what you must know before buying a vacation home at the beach in the article 5 Questions You Should Ask Before Buying a Second Home. Here are the questions, click on the link for the answers.

1. Why Do I Want to Buy?

2. What if prices dip further?

3. Can I Pay Cash or Get Financing?

4. Do I Know My True Costs?

5. Is the Home Affordable With No Rental Income?

Barbara Corcoran lends her advice to Fox News Magazine in a article titled What To Know Before Buying a Vacation Home. Questions asked and answered in this article are:

1. Is it a smart investment or a risky move?

2. What’s one immediate red flag to look for when walking into a home that you might want to purchase?

3. What are the most common mistakes made by second home buyers?

Yahoo Finance gives you 3 Things to Consider Before You Buy a Vacation Home:

1. How long you’re going to keep it.

2. How you’re going to pay for it.

3. How you’re going to deal with your taxes.




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