Training Bras — Who the hell came up with that name?

I’ve been thinking about bras a lot lately. One, because I can’t remember the last time I went underwear shopping, but that’s a different article. Two, because I have two girls on the verge of puberty. Bras have come a long way, and there should be something for everyone. Still though, I’m having a hard time finding items for this tween phase. Luckily, sports bras have come on the scene. Do you remember how humiliating it was to go shopping for a training bra. What did that even mean? Was the bra training the boobs to grow or was the bra itself actually in training?

The terminology and the products have improved, but the embarrassment for some girls surrounding the onset of puberty remains unchanged. Here are some simple tips to get your daughter through the boob training phase with as little drama as possible.

– If she asks for a bra, get her one. Don’t tell her she doesn’t need one yet.

– If she needs one and hasn’t asked for one, don’t wait. Be very casual and purchase some sports bras and tanks with shelves. Get her a new t-shirt or other new article and present it all to her at the same time. The bras are just another article of clothing. No big deal.

– Make sure to give her the opportunity to ask questions. It is important for girls to know it is normal for their breasts to be a little sore and it is VERY normal for one to grow at a different pace than the other. It will all even itself out eventually.

– If you have a child who is especially shy about her changing body, don’t call them bras. Call them tank tops and save her the embarrassment.

I am looking for sports bra types that don’t have a t-back, so you can’t see it in a shirt with a wide neck. Remember, tighter is better than looser. It will be more comfortable and do its job better.

The following are a few links to places you can order online.



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Author: Karen Latimer

Karen is a Family Doctor, mom of five and founder of Tips From Town.