DUBLIN ON A BUDGET: 4 Days for $1000

First published March 2018 Where: Dublin, Ireland When: March How Many Nights: 4 Cost: $1000 • • • • • • Planning a Trip on a Budget • • • • • • My friends from high school wanted to plan a group trip to celebrate all of us turning 50 and we had to work within a […]

Wine Country: The Finger Lakes

You don’t need to visit Napa to have a great experience touring wine country. Skaneateles Lake is the highest, bluest, and clearest of the major Finger Lakes and among the cleanest in the country. The village itself is lined with Greek Revival and Victorian houses. Experience world-class New York wine, unique cultural opportunities and stunning […]

The Family Ski Trip: Is It Worth It?

I say “yes”–totally worth it! Whether it’s the thrill of gliding through packed powder snow or sipping cocoa by a crackling fire, there’s no more enjoyable way to create warm wintertime memories than a trip to a family-friendly ski resort. Many ski adventures become stories that families tell for years to come, long after the credit […]

Kauai – St. Regis Princeville Resort

ST. REGIS PRINCEVILLE RESORT, KAUAI  I have been fortunate enough to travel to some beautiful places over the years. Most recently my husband and I spent two weeks in Hawaii. While there, we spent a week at the St. Regis Princeville Resort on the Northern shore of the island of Kauai.   Although the hotel has over […]

The Catskills – A Beach Alternative

Vacations in the Catskill Mountains center around natural beauty. From majestic mountain ranges to pristine lake waters, you won't believe how peaceful it is.

Unheard Of Vacation Home Rental Sites

Vacation houses and apartments can be far roomier than hotels, which is great for families. Many conveniences of home like a kitchen that lets you save money by eating meals at home to a washer and dryer.

Fabulous Family Resorts With Kids’ Clubs

Many destinations now offer attractive options for family travel, hotels are giving children more engaging and interesting activities.

Learning Vacations

Choose a nontraditional vacation that concentrates on a topic, purpose, or activity. You can go with other families who are focused on a special interest, send your teens on a learning adventure, or have an adult only experience.

Bike Tour Getaways

Cycling is a cool thing to do on any vacation. It is great exercise and great fun and an adventurous way to enjoy nature. It is a memorable way to see an area slowly and spend time with family or friends.