Let’s Talk Sweat!

As a woman, I do not glisten, glow, or perspire when I exercise – I sweat – profusely.  Once, embarrassed, and at times mortified by the pools of sweat surrounding my spin bike or workout area, I thought I should look into this situation. Well, turns out, this is perfectly normal and in fact, a good thing. It indicates that my body is highly efficient at regulating my internal temperatures.

So why am I sharing my sweaty tales with you? To let you know it’s OK to sweat. One thing I’ve noticed particularly about women is they are either afraid to sweat or just don’t want to. I’m with you on this if I’m all dolled up for some fancy function but if your intent is to exercise and burn some calories – then by all means let the flood gates open. What better way to rid the body of toxins and know that you are working at an intensity that will lead to positive changes. If you never allow yourself to work hard enough to build up a good sweat, you may never reach your fitness goals. If you’re embarrassed to sweat in front of others, get over it- your workout time is for you. Don’t waste your precious “ME – time” worrying about what others are thinking. Truthfully, they’ll be in awe of you (even if secretly).  If you’re worried about ruining your makeup or hair, well… (No Comment).

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But in all seriousness, there are two extremes to sweating that might need to be checked out by a doctor. Excessive or heavy sweating (hyperhidrosis) without exertion (i.e. having to constantly mop your brow while sitting at the computer in an air-conditioned room) could indicate an issue with your thyroid, diabetes or an infection. It’s also common in people that are overweight or out of shape. It’s really more of a nuisance than anything but you may want to make sure it’s nothing more than that.

The other extreme is not sweating at all while exercising or in the heat (anhidrosis). Again, there are a variety of factors but if you’re in the heat or exercising intently and still not sweating, your body is not regulating its temperature properly and this can lead to dizziness, overheating and fainting. In this case, you may want to check with your doctor.

Keep in mind we are all unique and our bodies respond differently. Even the numbers and location of our sweat glands differ and can affect the amount we sweat. So, no matter how many sweat glands you have and how active they are; whether you glow with perspiration or are a monsoon of sweat, embrace it. It means your body is doing its job at regulating your temperature while you’re doing your job of staying healthy and strong.


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