Southwestern food

Melted Cheese Dip w/Tortilla Chips

I’ve made this so many times and with good reason.  Be prepared for cheese dripping down your chin and onto your top… your guests will hoard over this appy… greasy, smiley and satisfied.

Beef and Beer Chili

This chili is a definite crowd pleaser!  Chunky and chockfull of flavor.  My mother served chili over elbow macaroni, which I find rounds off the dish nicely.  Bellies will be filled for sure!

Mexican Pizza Pie

Simple and easy.  Make 2 for a perfectly fulfilling weeknight dinner.

Green Chile Turkey Burgers

A little bit of Southwestern inspiration in these turkey burgers.  Green chilies added with the other seasonings turn an ordinary turkey burger into a WOW burger!

A Super Easy Bean & Beef Enchilasagna

Enchiladas, lasagna style!  Hearty and satisfying "Mexican" meal all in one neat casserole.


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