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Tips to Get Out a Red Wine Stain

Go ahead, have the red wine even though you are wearing your favorite white sweater and your kids are running amuck. But, make sure you have this product on hand: Wine Away Stain Remover. It is truly amazing and is only $6. I once had a guest spill a glass of red wine all over […]

10 Things You Already Love that are GOOD for you!

I am in Virginia, and it is a beautiful day here. I’ve been so sun/vit D deprived, I just want to bask in the rays from that too-unfamiliar yellow ball in the sky. BUT … I know how bad it is for me. Got me thinking, hmmm … snickers, sun bathing, pizza, beer, curling up […]

The Best Hostess Gift I Ever Received

I once had a guest spill a glass of red wine all over my white couch. No matter how I insisted it was o.k., he felt terrible. The next day he showed up with Wine Away Stain Remover. (and a lovely bottle of red.) Just to humor him, I tried it although I really did believe […]

If You Drink Red Wine, You Need This

Even if you don't, have it on hand for your boozy friends.

Is Red Wine Truly Good For You?

Is it too good to be true, or is red wine actually good for you?

The French Paradox and Other Random Wine Facts

Show off at your next wine tasting with these random and trivial facts all about vino.

Trivial (But Interesting) Wine Facts

Whether heading to a wine tasting or just an informal social gathering, these little informational tidbits will keep the conversation flowing like the wine.