International food

Yellow Mung Dal

Dal is a staple of Indian cuisine. “It’s like an Italian grandmother’s red sauce recipe,” says Reshma Shah, founder of The Family Table, “each family has it’s own version with special twists here and there.” We are happy to be sharing Reshma’s family’s dal recipe. “It’s my mother’s recipe,” she says, “but I have made a few adjustments […]

Richard Parker’s Chicken

Whip up this Indian-inspired dish in a flash.  Mouth-watering juicy chicken tenders sauteed with a medley of peppers and onion.  Make it a meal by serving a healthy dollop of steamy rice along side.

Bibimbap (BEE-beem-bop), a Korean Mixed Rice Dish

Bibimbap is a colorful mixed rice Korean dish that I have fallen in love with. I love that I can use what I have on hand and make it virtually fat-free. When I asked a Korean friend how they made Bibimbap in her house she said that they would use their leftovers from the night […]

Nana’s Stuffed Cabbages (Toltott Kaposzta)

Stuffed Cabbage (Toltott Kaposzta) This is my favorite comfort food that mom my mom makes, Hungarian Stuffed Cabbages. She makes it the way her Grandma Rose and her mom made it, but there are many variations. It never feels too heavy–unless you eat it like my mom does: over mashed potatoes.  1 large cabbage head 1 1/2 […]

Smoky Indian Eggplant

When I first married my husband, who is Indian, his mother gave me a beautiful cookbook called The Food of India. The photos are beautiful and mouth-watering. This recipe is one of my favorites. My mostly Irish-Hungarian family, who does’t always care for spicy Indian dishes, loves this. I changed it a bit to make it […]

Cucumber Raita to Cool the Palette

Traditional cucumber raita is used to cool the palette when you eat spicy Indian dishes but I love it alone on naan or with rice. If you ever have an upset stomach, this can be such a soothing snack. There are many versions of raita–no two are the same–it all depends on your taste. Sometimes […]

Lamb Biryani with Saffron, Ginger and Chili

When my husband’s family gets together, his mom, aunts and grandmother always make biryani. It’s a comforting, aromatic rice dish, in this case, with tender lamb that isn’t spicy like many other Indian dishes. I love that...

Yo Mein

Got 20 minutes?  Good… than this is your dish to make tonight.  Hop on board the Orient Express.  No ticket necessary!  Lo mein noodles work best, but feel free to use egg noodles or fettucine instead (there are cashews, so if...

Ensopado de Carne

Another super use of the Shreddin’ Shredded Beef recipe.  I dig this over rice and/or in a flour tortilla (with plenty of cheese added in).  More fun in the tortilla… but everything’s more fun when you wrap and roll.

Gingered Pork-Vegetable Stew

Entice your family to a sit-down meal tonight.  Not an easy task with the busy schedules of today, but as this stew simmers, you may already find them waiting with anticipation seated at the dinner table.


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