35+ of Our Favorite Mouth-Watering Appetizers

Looking for an appetizer to make for company, or one to bring to a friend’s house?  Here are 35 that will make everyone’s mouth water! Also Check out Our Favorite Cocktails 1. LOADED SMASHED POTATOES 2. GOAT-CHEESE STUFFED MUSHROOMS 3. EASY-TO-EAT AVOCADO BOWLS 4. SUPER LOADED NACHOS 5. SMOKY OLIVE PEPPERS 6. INDIAN EGGPLANT DIP WITH PITA 7. HOAGIE DIP WITH FAOCACCIA 8. AVOCADO TOASTS […]


Antipasto means, “before the meal”, in Italian.  There is no one way to prepare this appetizer.  The items served depend on the region in Italy you may be visiting.  So being that we are in America, do what American’s do…...

Baked Brie w/Herbed Artichokes

A delicious dip for any get-together. Creamy brie topped with cheesy herbed artichokes perfect for spreading atop toasted baguette slices.

Hearts of Palm & Artichoke Salad

Another winner that goes perfectly alongside any summer inspired meal.

Pita Greek Pizzas

Assemble these little masterpieces in a pinch.  A lot of yummy things happening on one pita bringing a little slice of the Mediterranean into your home.

Grilled Fontina-Stuffed Meatballs & Veggie Kabobs

Grilled meatballs stuffed with cheese?  Clever!  Accompanied with grilled vegetables, one of which is artichokes?  Genius!  Balsamic Glaze goes swimmingly with this combination, and so does a nice steamy bowl of rice.

Artichoke, Fresh Mozzarella, & Salami Sandwiches

These sandwiches can be prepared 4 hours and/or up to one day ahead of serving. Gives time for the flavors to blend perfectly.

Italian Artichokes & Chicken

If you’re looking for something easy to prepare tonight, this is your meal ticket. A side of steamed broccoli with a squeeze of fresh lemon & freshly ground pepper completes the package. A family favorite I grew up with, thanks yet once...


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